Thursday, September 5, 2013

Natural Gas Hanging Patio Heater Warms Outdoor Living Space

As soon as the snow melts, you'll probably start thinking of spring and summer and outdoor living spaces again. You can start the grilling and lounging-around-the-deck season a littler earlier with a patio heater. There are quite a few models to pick from (we've looked at tabletop patio heaters, combination misters and heaters that look like palm trees, and umbrella stands with patio heater bases to name a few). Well here's one that won't take up any floor or table space: The Sunglo Natural Gas Hanging Patio Heater mounts to the ceiling and radiates down 50,000 BTU/Hour of warmth. That might be enough to brown your burgers without even turning on the grill! You can also order the heater to run on propane. $883 from Patio Heating Plus

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