Thursday, March 7, 2013

In Israel, QR code application form only scannable by students with high IQs

Advertising agencies may no longer be able to rely on simple QR codes to keep audiences engaged with their content – unless they come up with something special. We recently covered Berrge Tattoo‘s innovative recruitment ad, which could only be scanned once talented artists had carefully filled out the code with ink, and now a similar stunt in Israel means only students with the right quiz answers are able to correctly fill out a QR code to apply for a place on the Kidum 700 course. Entry into university in Israel requires students to pass an SAT test, but those looking to get into the country’s most prestigious institutions need a suitably high grade – 650 or above. Kidum is an education company that provides preparation courses for young people hoping to achieve such a score, but only works with students capable of reaching it. Developed by marketing agency Yehoshua\TBWA, the campaign involved a leaflet to be handed out at its annual education fair, which included an incomplete QR code. Alongside the code were questions deemed only answerable by those with the requisite IQ for taking the Kidum 700 course. Only students who answered all of the questions correctly and filled in the corresponding squares on the QR code were able to scan it with their smartphones, which led them to an application form for the course. According to Yehoshua\TBWA, around 90 percent of the students present at the fair tried their hand at the quiz, although only around 19 percent managed to fill out the code correctly. This low number meant the company was able to find only those students suitable for their preparation course, although the number of leads increased by 60 percent. The campaign was an inventive – and successful – way to direct Kidum straight to the audience it wanted. Are there other ways to configure QR codes in similarly innovative ways?

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