Thursday, September 5, 2013

SolarSheat Space Heater Can Warm a 1000 Square Foot Space

You may be excited about the idea of green living, but there's no denying that getting set up with solar panels is pretty expensive. If heating is one of your biggest expenses, you may be able to cut out that bill without installing a huge solar grid on your roof. The SolarSheat heating system is definitely more compact, and it costs less too. "The SolarSheat 1500G is a glazed recirculation solar air collector designed for space heating applications. Air is drawn from inside the room through the bottom of the collector and blown out through a duct in the top. The unit is self-powered. No electrical hook-up required." While it's true that this thing isn't going to power your plasma tv and iMac, you'll probably find that heating accounts for the majority of your energy bill in the colder months, anyway, so something like this could pay off in a short time. More information at Your Solar Home.

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